Thursday, August 16, 2012

The wheel of Oppression

     The Chic-Filet controversy defines the differences between blacks and gays in their fight for civil rights in America. Neither plight is less important than the other, yet they are fundamentally different. When business owners wanted to refuse service to blacks the task was simple, don't let them in. If they complained, they would use violent tactics, and frame it as part of the blacks inherent violent nature. Then use the perception, as justification for not letting them in in the first place.
     Gays on the other hand make it harder for transparent discrimination, because unless ones sexuality is volunteered, gays can successfully assimilate into society, using silence as their weapon. A weapon unavailable to blacks in their struggle. So public love for chicken was used to express hate for gays, and as a rallying cry to eliminate their rights. It's better than beatings and fire hoses but the goal is still the same. The kiss in was ridiculous and are as effective today as marching for justice.
     So how now do we fight for our rights. Women, Gays, Hispanics and Blacks all have bounties on their rights in one way or another, and oddly enough by the same common enemy of individual freedoms. Separate we are the minorities able to be attacked on multiple fronts whenever their grip is threatened. But those four groups together become a clear majority, and are far more powerful than the regressive minds that look to retain the control they had before we realized the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
     Who will become the progressive Braveheart, and unite the clans against a common foe. Are our groups so egocentric that we can't see beyond our own path. Hate crimes, vaginal probes, self deportation, all acts that bolster GOP support. Not until the the progressive wheel of oppression randomly assigns the plight of one group to the other will we feel each others pain. Gay guys get internal ultrasound, blacks get deported, how about a constitutional ban on Hispanic marriage. And women forced to prove citizenship after being randomly stopped and frisked. Maybe then we will respect the causes that effect so many of our friends and neighbors. Until then we all stand divided, and one by one we will surely fall.