Monday, June 25, 2012

Fast Furious Failure

    There's been a lot of talk about this Fast and Furious program, but the facts get lost in all of the posturing. It was started under the Bush Administration, and when Holder realized it's failings and moronic premise he moved to shut it down. Since then Holder has appeared before at least eight congressional panels after a border patrol agent was killed. He presented thousands of documents on the program. So now the information Congress wants is the correspondence after the program was dissolved, to search for any kind of cover up.
     The reason this wasn't pursued earlier is because the GOP wants to attach an Obama attack on second amendment rights. Using  logic that suggests  that the crimes committed using assault rifles from this program are so egregious that some new level of gun control would have to be proposed, and private citizens guns would be taken. All of the controversy was born from the mind of a right wing blogger and Fox News Contributor. Aside from the baseless 2nd amendment claims, there is no legal consequence for Holder as he is the Atty. General and won't prosecute himself.
     The real harm is to the agents that would be exposed if the requested documents are released, that will certainly put their lives in jeopardy. So if the Administration releases the papers they risk the agents, and if they don't and go with executive privilege they give the impression that they are hiding something. Obama chose to take the hit to his reputation and protect the agents that would be exposed. For the GOP the added bonus is that the controversy, though baseless, tarnishes Holders reputation to the point that his name has to be off of the short list for the next Supreme Court Justice, whom the next POTUS will definitely choose  if not more.
     Holders actions to stop rampant voter discrimination sealed his fate as a top GOP target in their 2012 smear campaign. Knowing his family's instrumental role in the Civil Rights movement, he no doubt has been labeled radical. So as it stands for the Republicans, the loss of agents lives, acceptable damages, suppressing testimony from credible witness, all part of a days work. Are there no depths to low for the GOP to reach for.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Don't I know you from somewhere?

     If someone told you there was a gang of men who terrorized the country, who have chosen to remain unknown, with the goal of dismantling the system that allows those with lesser voices to be heard on a larger platform. And although nameless and faceless their ranks stretch across the Nation, working united to turn back the crumbling hands of time and progress. Sound familiar? Only these marauders aren't hidden by hoods, or the dark of a southern summers night sky. They hide behind the Supreme Court and it's Citizens United judgement.
     The similarities are eerily familiar to our recent past. No name homegrown terrorists intimidating voters from exercising their constitutional right. Threatening bodily harm, and delivering on those promises. This time it's a voter purge, billed as a measure to stop voter fraud, though preemptive because no major or minor cases of voter fraud inspired this movement. These days bodily harm is reduced, with exception to the stand your ground laws. These same unknown villains committed undisclosed resources to eliminate the blue collar Union voice, the only unit large enough to stand up to these National terrorists.
     Instead of eliminating the leaders of grass roots movements like before, now they effectively work to kill the whole lawn. So who are these freedom killers?  It had to get hot under those white hoods. So they removed their trademark, and somehow remained invisible. We still don't know who they are, and legally we have no right to know.
     This is no coincidence, it's the same old plan. It's why soldiers destroy ports, roads, and bridges in the early stages of war. If half of the troops can't get to the fight, the better your chances of winning the war. Our amount of available information makes it harder for a less desirable elected official to hide behind lies. The only way to keep officials in office that don't respect the will of the people, is to silence enough of the voice of the collective people to win a numbers game.  And clearly that's the path we seem to be on.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Zombie invasion: Coming to a town near you.

     Does the Govt. use TV and movies to familiarize the public with future dilemmas. Does propaganda desensitize the public at large to events that are unexplained, or threatens the infrastructure of control that the Government possesses. You don't need to be a skeptic to realize that when the Govt. goes out of it's way to downplay an event or questionable occurrence, or says there is nothing to worry about, it's probably time to start worrying. After Roswell when a metallic craft crashed, with parts never seen before, the news published eye witness accounts in the local paper. The following day the Military came changed the reports and described the crash as a weather balloon, even though the new story contradicted the eye witness accounts.
     The so called balloon was then dismantled and loaded into many boxes, and taken to an undisclosed location. The usual nothing to see here was repeated. Even though a balloon was put into many boxes. As the reports show, top scientists were brought in to reverse engineer the foreign technology, they contained some names that would become very prominent. Soon after the head of what would become Motorolla would invent a way of wireless communication that enabled us to communicate with astronauts in orbit, even on the Moon. All of the recordings from moon landings were made possible by Motorolla. Also scientists who would design Concord Airplanes took the world from propeller planes and primitive jets to routinely breaking the sound barrier, a huge milestone. That's a lot to gather from a balloon. There are more than a handful of these events, but if the Military says no worries, then no worries right.
     Their newest claim is, there's no need to worry about zombies. 18 minutes of recorded face eating, no worries. 2 women eat live babies, coincidence. A guy throws his guts at arresting officers, bad drugs...really, drugs. The CDC gave it's official statement, don't worry. I was fine til that now i'm worried. They actually referenced Zombies. There's not even a such thing as zombies right? Brain parasites maybe, remember all the netty- pot brain infections, or the kids that got parasites from swimming in stagnant water. Birds fall from the sky, fish, whales and dolphins washing up on shore dead. Is it the water? Chemically treated clouds bring rain to Dubai and China. We all are paying the price but if the Government says don't worry, then I guess i'll move on nothing to see here, only the zombie apocalypse. All zombies don't rise from the dead. Some are created through infection. So maybe that's why Homeland Security bought all of that ammo.

What does good ol' boy even mean.

     I've been listening to ESPN radio leading up to the US Open. The hype regarding the threesome including Tiger, Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson was just what the PGA and ESPN (which airs the event) needed. With Tiger winning 3 of his last 5 tournaments, the PGA has to be hoping it's cash cow has returned, and they're doing a good job of selling that. While listening to Amy Lawerence, one of ESPN radio's hosts it became clear just how they wanted this thing marketed.
     This all star trio is a reflection of Golf, and it's place in America today. The way she spoke of Bubba Watson told the whole story. He's a good ol' boy from Florida,went to college in Georgia, helped win the SEC title, and never had a lesson, he just goes out and plays hard. Then they play a clip of Watson joking about Tiger being to big to follow guys like him on twitter. Innocent enough, but I wonder, why aren't Tiger and Phil good ol' boys. What does she even think good ol' boys means. They aren't saying this is some good ol' boy threesome. Is Phil part of the elite because he is covered in corporate logos. Is it because he is one of the higher paid, premier names in the game. Phil is the1%. The most compelling story line is the everyman vs. the big bad 1%. Aside from the fact nobody's calling Tiger boy after Fuzzy Zoeller did, and never heard the end of it. You kind of have to fit in to be one of the ol' boys and Tiger just doesn't .
    It's the GOP southern strategy PGA style. You want to beat Phil because he thinks he's better than you, and he's trying to take all of your money. He looks like you, but he's not like you. Probably even took golf lessons. Tiger is the other other. He's done more for golf than anyone since the Ming Dynasty. The only thing louder than the cheers as he fell, were the tears that fell when it was truly understood that golfs fate and his were connected. His recent surge makes golfs relevancy visible but distant. Nothing a little suggestive marketing can't help. Its what golf has always had, and wanted to keep. The PGA thinks its ora of exclusivity makes it special, it openly looks for the next Tiger while the real Tiger is winning, because the real Tiger doesn't fit.
     So the pressure is on Bubba, like Rory Mcilroy or Luke Donald, all once the next Tiger, all missed the cut. But the marketing, it worked, I watched and enjoyed it. Tiger is tied for first. Guys like Hootie Johnson still run golf, ESPN plays games with race, nothing new.