Thursday, March 7, 2013

Should we make fat the new normal ?

     Nobody could really say they were that surprised when it was announced that obesity was a bigger problem in America than hunger. We all know people and their quests for the perfect diet, some of us are those people. What if it's the natural progression. It's not normal for college age people to get gout but.. What if fit is relative to the tasks ones body is to perform. Is the body we know as healthy a false necessity or a leftover from times when humans led a more active aggressive lifestyle. Some African tribesman tracking elk across the grasslands would call a western settler fat and lazy, as would the settler to a factory worker, and that factory worker to a computer programmer you get the pattern.
     We are not biologically prepared for the world we've created around us. The goal of Human kind was always to make life easier. As the most vulnerable of the big mammals maximizing caloric intakes with minimal energy output, while easing the dangers associated with gathering food. At the same time expanding our territory, what animal wouldn't get fat. It seems a bit selfish to think we can wire our brains to our electronics and think we would only inherit the good stuff. Sure a good wifi connection makes life easier, also legitimately better and it all happens so effortlessly. It really is a symbiotic connection. But at what cost? If it came to it would you rather be fit, or fat and infinitely smarter?
     Look at the little stuff eliminated from our life, albeit for good reasons there still exists a void. Shopping is like the lightest version of hunter gathering there is and we all but removed it from our lives. How long would it take to walk through a mall to all the stores that sell your amazon searches. Or even in the car, out of the car walking through parking lots, store to store, week after week. But that's too much for us. I wrote it and it sounds tiring and annoying to me. It's still is the last bastion of hope for normal daily activity. Without consciously working to keep your body fit, what else is there? Our jobs and natural life movements don't shape us any more. The average male weight has gone up 25 lbs since 1960.
     What has to happen to make this reality acceptable? If organs were replaceable after their inevitable failures, already on it. A realistic virtual reality to simulate the need for human interaction, almost there. This is who we're becoming. And you thought it was the hormones in the food. People are just getting big. Low income, middle class folks, no ones immune from the effects of our wired world and the results from living in a no (physical) effort necessary social structure. When Humans moved animals into their immediate living spaces disease spread and people have been dying as a result ever since. In the last 120 years so many advances have been made that erase danger and ease daily life that fat is just a natural response to our rampant inactivity. Deal accordingly.