Sunday, December 9, 2012

What's more personal than Suicide?

     I don't really know what this says about me but I couldn't care less about the Royal Family. Kate's baby, The Queen mother, Buckingham whatever it's all the same to me. Aren't we here specifically not to lust over the Monarchy across the pond. If hearing about Kate's royal vomit wasn't enough, add suicide to the mix and you've got a story that's made for the likes of Rebekah Brooks' News Corp.
     So a couple of radio guys call Kate's hospital posing as the actual Queen of England to nurse A, the hospitals only line of defense against unauthorized personnel.  Clearly frazzled, and showing proper respect to her majesty she puts the seemingly obvious impostor through to nurse B, who spills the beans. Successful prank til nurse A goes and kills herself. Now people are saying the Dj's are responsible, for what? A guy catches his girlfriend in bed with another man, goes out and promptly commits suicide. Did his girlfriend commit a crime? A boss fires her employee, he walks outside and kills himself. Is she, or the company responsible? No. BofA forecloses on a home, the owner commits suicide is BofA at fault, well... yes but not in court.  More responsible for the family's loss than the Dj's. In this case it's her fellow nurses and doctors that surely berated her for such a monumental blunder. Especially due to the poor impression.
     One little discussed angle are the royals themselves. This could be a warning sign to all other commoners under the employ of her majesty the Queen. Do your part to preserve our dignity or meet the gallows, or a murder staged as a suicide. It makes the same point without the calling card of a public square. There has to be more info to come, or maybe not. This is the Royal family and the message has been received, exploit our privacy and feel our wrath.
     No Radio personnel should be fired or even reprimanded for this.  Now the police are getting involved and hopefully they put as much into the investigation of the radio stations role in this, as the co-workers who shared nurse A's final conversations and interactions. They are directly responsible for the state of mind that led this woman to take her own life. A personal decision by the way.

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