Thursday, June 21, 2012

Don't I know you from somewhere?

     If someone told you there was a gang of men who terrorized the country, who have chosen to remain unknown, with the goal of dismantling the system that allows those with lesser voices to be heard on a larger platform. And although nameless and faceless their ranks stretch across the Nation, working united to turn back the crumbling hands of time and progress. Sound familiar? Only these marauders aren't hidden by hoods, or the dark of a southern summers night sky. They hide behind the Supreme Court and it's Citizens United judgement.
     The similarities are eerily familiar to our recent past. No name homegrown terrorists intimidating voters from exercising their constitutional right. Threatening bodily harm, and delivering on those promises. This time it's a voter purge, billed as a measure to stop voter fraud, though preemptive because no major or minor cases of voter fraud inspired this movement. These days bodily harm is reduced, with exception to the stand your ground laws. These same unknown villains committed undisclosed resources to eliminate the blue collar Union voice, the only unit large enough to stand up to these National terrorists.
     Instead of eliminating the leaders of grass roots movements like before, now they effectively work to kill the whole lawn. So who are these freedom killers?  It had to get hot under those white hoods. So they removed their trademark, and somehow remained invisible. We still don't know who they are, and legally we have no right to know.
     This is no coincidence, it's the same old plan. It's why soldiers destroy ports, roads, and bridges in the early stages of war. If half of the troops can't get to the fight, the better your chances of winning the war. Our amount of available information makes it harder for a less desirable elected official to hide behind lies. The only way to keep officials in office that don't respect the will of the people, is to silence enough of the voice of the collective people to win a numbers game.  And clearly that's the path we seem to be on.

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