Saturday, June 16, 2012

Zombie invasion: Coming to a town near you.

     Does the Govt. use TV and movies to familiarize the public with future dilemmas. Does propaganda desensitize the public at large to events that are unexplained, or threatens the infrastructure of control that the Government possesses. You don't need to be a skeptic to realize that when the Govt. goes out of it's way to downplay an event or questionable occurrence, or says there is nothing to worry about, it's probably time to start worrying. After Roswell when a metallic craft crashed, with parts never seen before, the news published eye witness accounts in the local paper. The following day the Military came changed the reports and described the crash as a weather balloon, even though the new story contradicted the eye witness accounts.
     The so called balloon was then dismantled and loaded into many boxes, and taken to an undisclosed location. The usual nothing to see here was repeated. Even though a balloon was put into many boxes. As the reports show, top scientists were brought in to reverse engineer the foreign technology, they contained some names that would become very prominent. Soon after the head of what would become Motorolla would invent a way of wireless communication that enabled us to communicate with astronauts in orbit, even on the Moon. All of the recordings from moon landings were made possible by Motorolla. Also scientists who would design Concord Airplanes took the world from propeller planes and primitive jets to routinely breaking the sound barrier, a huge milestone. That's a lot to gather from a balloon. There are more than a handful of these events, but if the Military says no worries, then no worries right.
     Their newest claim is, there's no need to worry about zombies. 18 minutes of recorded face eating, no worries. 2 women eat live babies, coincidence. A guy throws his guts at arresting officers, bad drugs...really, drugs. The CDC gave it's official statement, don't worry. I was fine til that now i'm worried. They actually referenced Zombies. There's not even a such thing as zombies right? Brain parasites maybe, remember all the netty- pot brain infections, or the kids that got parasites from swimming in stagnant water. Birds fall from the sky, fish, whales and dolphins washing up on shore dead. Is it the water? Chemically treated clouds bring rain to Dubai and China. We all are paying the price but if the Government says don't worry, then I guess i'll move on nothing to see here, only the zombie apocalypse. All zombies don't rise from the dead. Some are created through infection. So maybe that's why Homeland Security bought all of that ammo.

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  1. Interesting outlook. I like it!

    Even though the CDC is sketchy at best, I agree with them 100% about preparation. If you prepare for a zombie apocalypse, you will be prepared for absolutely any event.

    I have small food stocks because I plan to hunt and gather, but I have everything else one could possibly need to survive a zombie apocalypse, right down to a dedicated bug out vehicle.

    Planning makes perfect, and practicing your plans can save lives. Check out my site for everything from life-sized zombie rifle targets to camping supplies. We carry everything a prepper could ever need!


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