Sunday, July 29, 2012

Does Obama really want my gun?

     So Barry O is coming for our guns, and by guns I mean your freedom. He want's to take away our second amendment right to defend our self.  If you don't know why people say that, but are too embarrassed to ask why. Here is the quickest rundown you're gonna get. The NRA head said if Obama is elected he's taking your guns, remember the outsider Obama complained about Americans clinging to their God and Guns. People saw that as a declaration of war on their Anglo heritage under the veil of change. Two years later, they said since he hasn't come for the guns yet, you know he's up to something.
     Reports surfaced that the Military is conducting training exercises for urban warfare and crowd control on American soil. At the same time local police had their hands full corralling OWS protesters, as civil unrest got re-energized in the Wisconsin recall elections. If any two protest groups merge there would be problems for police. Following this Homeland security amassed a military sized amount of ammunition
     The Bush era Fast and Furious program opened the Nations eyes to the threat of automatic weapons, by showing the viscous aftermath of cartel killings in Mexico. Followed by the stories of the Governments failed gun plan. The news show's structure is supposed to stimulate your fears, and reinforce the notions that guns have to go.
      The theater killer, local mass murderer equipped with what, automatic weapons. Furthering the discussions of tougher gun regulations, the first steps towards trampling our second amendment rights. It's all a plan, allowing him to transform your America with his uppity European, socialist agenda. And with no guns we could do nothing to stop it. So that's the conspiracy in a nutshell. Now go and speculate with the rest of them. All of these stories have been widely reported, choose what you want to believe, but remember the truth may not be out there. Even if the Military would turn on their guns on mass groups of American citizens ( I think they wouldn't). Would the gun owners of America really be able to stand up to to the strongest Army in the world, hell, even the National guard might put up a good fight against untrained armed citizens. Who knows, one thing is abundantly un-clear Obama might be coming for your guns, and that defines your freedom somehow.

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