Sunday, July 29, 2012

Red Meat and Dog Whistles, the new Bi

     Dog whistles, code words, and the infamous gaffe. When will it just become a proven fact that all of these overtly related instances are evidence. Evidence of a collective understanding by half of the country that Obama doesn't belong in office, solely based on his genetics. Really, who doesn't understand the Anglo relationship between Europe and the U.S. It's the basis of public elementary school American history. If a Constitutional Law Professor doesn't get it who does?
     Culturally, we don't like fence riders, and flip floppers. So if the tabu subject of historical guilt doesn't allow one to accept a black president, for fear that he might offset the inequities established in the last 147 years since slavery to the detriment of white society, then own it. Embrace it, shout it from the mountain top, just be a man, or a woman, and put your name on it. The time for innuendos is past. Society craves clarity, and transparency. Obama has shown to be no saint, nor do we expect the worlds problems to be solved by the institution that created them Govt.
     The problem with dog whistle politics is that the racial innuendos and code words, woven into general conversation somehow limits high level complaints to the level of the original statement. Elected officials constantly make statements birthed from the southern strategy, arguably, but not overtly racist, and the pundits call it red meat. Oh, the base wants it's red meat, it's what they came for. We all know it's racist but short of the n-word it's all fair game.
     Racist politicians are like Bi-sexual guys, if you're a guy who likes girls and guys, you're not bi you're just gay.(It's all good, and you deserve the rights everyone else gets, it's still kind of gay). In that respect, throwing around racist code words, and calling it red meat doesn't make you some creative southern strategist it makes you racist. We all know it. But when is the last time someone in office was labeled racist.  

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