Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Facebook's Grid ..like it or not you're on it.

     So Facebook is starting some new graph service where you can search just about anything and get a list of related likes. Want to know what the movie title likes of people on your best friends- friends list because you think she knows cool people, look it up. If you want to know the Religious likes of all the mothers of all of the people on your friends list, just a click away. Want to know how many people in your county supports org's that are pro choice so you can do whatever with that information because you may be some kind of lunatic  you get the idea.
     I'm all for the singularity, the melding of man and machine. I already believe our phones are extensions of our brains. Example: I was talking to my uncle and his girlfriend about martinis. We didn't know the mixture but in seconds we asked one of the many available phones. In no time we had the ingredient list and  the conversation moved on without a hitch. It was quick as a thought. Faster than remembering and weighing the odds that you may be wrong. That is by definition a technological mind extension  Like it or not it is whats happening. Everybody thought it would be the RFID chips that would be the technological advancement that opened everyone's eyes. But no, it's just plain old invasion of privacy that we all invited.
     When it was just for product placement and personalized ad's it was strange but not enough to rage about . Now some might not think the possibility of knowing what restaurants the friends of their family members frequent could do. But when its the people in an area that support a political movement or unpopular agenda a ready made list is available. Some of us will go all private everything, and wait for the need to arise to once again to peel back our invisible layers of placebo privacy. There's always something.
     There's nobody to complain to, it has to happen. It's the natural progression. The ways that we are already connected would deserve it's own book. They are numerous. It's like the evolution of ideas reached a point that the next step is so different than the last that transition is not only noticeable but difficult. Sometimes in history when idea shifts happen it takes a generation for old ideas to almost be bred out of people. This transition to being connected to our tech devices will be like the Grand Canyon. Not watching a small stream become a cavernous carving by the hand of God type of evolution. It's the taking a quick nap by a river and waking up next to the Grand Canyon kind. Ready?

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