Monday, February 11, 2013

Real Politics Makes abc's Scandal Better

     I think we all can admit that before Obama culturally, (and not because of some inability to understand the issues) a lot of people some black some not, placed politics on the back burner to say the least. Not due to their being no relateable faces. They just added one black guy to the main stage, and he was already an employee. There have been people to look to if politics is your thing. Still most had coaches, teachers, church or rap. Even in instances where people got their motivation to from rappers Chuck D or X Clan, Queen Latifah  or whatever positivity fueled lyricist you listened to back then. You know they were't telling people to run for office. Not even to do dirt from the inside. For a long time to a certain generation politics might have well been the Easter Bunny.
     So Obama makes people like politics? Is that why Scandal is the hit and twitter monster that it is. How many "I cant"'s can be typed in one night? Whatever though. The most important thing is that a political show has people fainting and waiving church fans as they say. To truly take advantage of what the show creator placed before what you need to do is separate the Olivia/ Fitz stuff from secret meeting stuff. Shonda Rhimes had access to information and people, conversations that would get people fired thrown in jail or who knows. 
     The way she puts the story together is dramatic for sure. Justice Sotamayor isn't taking a shot at anyone any time soon. But those meetings that take place leading up to the actual Scandals are what she's emphasizing they're what gets us on the edge. She wants us to know that IS the way it goes down. You cant just blindly believe, things always go deeper. I voted  for him because he was better than Romney not some hero. To some he still shines. So you watch the show and you wonder about the deals that must go on.
     Remember the Debt ceiling (ask somebody that 10 years ago) and don't give me that stuff about, it wasn't an issue they just raised it. You know what I mean. Before it was fight on. And now they want to fight another day? Here's my Scandal moment, Obama's never been tough on Wall Street. He wins the election, talking tough claiming mandates. The whole country knows the Gop want's the fight. But through some miracle oval office meeting. Wall Street calls off their Republican attack dogs to fight another day. Obama continues to walk tall and kill enemy soldiers and their families legally.  All while Wall Street gets the Bonds paid off America borrowed without an actual fight over paying the debts. Tough on Wall Street, Eric Holder defended these people for a living. I digress, different story. That had to be a helluva meeting though.
     The show is like a stepping stone political course. Where people left the scene in the in the 70's. Getting back into politics for Obama must be like those people exonerated from death row after 30 years. Things seem different but in the end people are people. Look for the real scandals. Don't just wear your Obama Martin Luther and Biggie as babies shirt, do some thinking. Do you really know what your guy is all about? And do you give him a pass because he's black? Some of us could use a talking to from Harrison. So after you're done falling out after that final scene on the next Scandal you watch. Think of Obama as Fitz, and Fitz was cool til he got alone with Verna.  We don't see far more than we do. 

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