Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Go Black Mr. White: Why the UFC needs more black Ads

     When advertisers specifically target black audiences with some product, openly looking to garner support from that community, two things are bound to happen. 1 People are going to question the ethics of ethnic ad targeting, and 2 the community sees the ad, and chooses for themselves if they want to buy said product or not. I think the UFC is missing the boat on this one. This Jon "Bones" Jones fight vs. Rashad Evans, could be the best thing blaxsploitation advertising ever created.
     Listen to this set up. An epic saga between two athletes, training partners for two years, teammates, friends. Jones the new champion and regarded as potentially the best ever, and Evans the former champion and seasoned veteran, TV star, and budding celebrity. While teammates, the new guy Jones renewed Evans' passion for the sport. Evans helps Jones to learn to deal with his new found success, and how to remain focused through it. Although they agreed never to fight each other, Jones publicly entertained a question about a hypothetical fight between the two. Evans feeling disrespected leaves the team, and starts his own team on the other side of the country. Evans, now looks to defeat his old team, old trainers, and his one time brother. Classic Right?
     Bones Jones. 24year old religious good guy, goal setter, and ferociously committed to his craft. From a family of athletes, and a sister whose story would leave no eye dry. Evans, the flashy Former champion one of the most recognizable fighters in the sport, and one of the most dangerous. Also on a winning streak. Both are great fighters at the top of their games. You couldn't make this stuff up.  This story line has everything, friendship, jealousy,betrayal, tragedy, and placed in front of the right eyes, these guys could, and should become household names. People should know Jon Jones on sight. This guy represents all that is good in sports, and what we want our athletes to be. In the age of the you pay to see me, so I must be great athlete. Promoting Jones more would be a welcomed change.
      So more money for Dana White, and the introduction of a good guy black athlete, from a newer sport who might just be one of the baddest men on the planet. So Mr.White please, a few blaxploitation ads in this direction would be a good thing. Force the Bones Jones community to know your new star. I guarantee the long term reward will be worth more than the short term criticism.


  1. They want people buying the PPV not stealing it.

  2. More black ads? Please say you are kidding. Maybe you meant to say needs "more black dads"?

    You do know blacks are only 13 percent of the USA population, right? Why the fuck do we need more black advertising?


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