Monday, April 16, 2012

To Tithe or not to Tithe: That is the question?

     In the age of instant globally distributed information, and all we hear of corruption by religious institutions. I wonder if tithing to the Church as important as giving to the least of our brothers and sisters, or would Jesus rather you give to the institution of the Church. With collections going to pay Pastors salary, and not just supporting the building fund any more, do you really know where your money is going. Is there absolute transparency.
      If Catholic parishioners money is going to legal defense funds, or settlements to victimized followers. Do you think that really is the best way for your offering to be distributed?  If the Catholic Church protects pedophiles with your money. Is that any different than anyone in society harboring a fugitive pedophile in their basement, keeping them warm and safe, free from legal prosecution? Should your money really go to fueling Eddie Long's private jet, or pay his settlements? Should old Mother Robinson's offering pay for the First Lady's vast collection of Sunday whites, with hats to match? Then they say, the good Lord's come as you are rules apply to everyone else in the congregation, tube socks and all.
       Is that what you were taught your Jesus envisioned for his flock? This absolutely doesn't apply to all churches, but the influx of stories are enough to generate some healthy skepticism. So the next time Pastor helps you pop your clutch after Sunday service, then glides past you in his new Benz, look down at your WWJD bracelet or bumper sticker and ask your self. What would he do? You helped buy that car. Jesus rode a donkey, and even with inflation thrown in, a donkey doesn't translate to a Benz nowadays, at best its a Truck or one of those big Church Vans or something.
     What about that whole camel through a needle eye thing, what was that Mat.19:24. Now Pastor might not be rich, but wealth is relative to who its compared to. Jesus was about acts, lessons and time spent, not the sum total of his generosity through golden coins. Go ahead and anoint pastor as your king, and I'm sure through some miraculous act that will compel God to leave you a spot at his side. That's how Jesus would do it. Right?  

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