Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bottom line: Who does America hate least Mormons or The Blacks

   With Mitt sizing up the the big piece of chicken at the GOP convention, and Obama winding himself up into campaign mode. It seems all the money being spent to sway voters one way or another is a waste of time. Its all going to come down to who America has the least amount of disdain for, Mormons or Blacks. How is that even measured? The advantage clearly goes to Romney because one can't look like a Mormon, no matter what the black guy is the black guy. As long as Romney keeps his religion hidden it might remain hidden, but the questions deserve asking, not for ridicule but for clarity. Please, someone ask him, not about magic underwear, or no caffeine or alcohol, ask about the multiple heavens, or multiple gods, or baptizing long dead non Mormon people. Not to mention that whole Jesus in America thing. Then there's the radical black Christian -Muslim, who wants to give away all that white America has worked for, while emposing crippling regulations that will destroy America from within based on its evil treatment of its blacks, something that should be a non issue to him because he's no citizen, he's not one of us.
     So who will they hate least, the flip-floppy, stiff no fun candidate with, in their opinion, a warped version of Christianity. Where a man, Joseph Smith led by an Angel, found gold tablets in 1823 New York, that included a Christian history of ancient America, and have only been seen by eight people, whose stories changed over the years, and were then returned to an Angel. This clearly differs from the beloved Christianity that allegedly forged this country into existence. Or the radical non African American race bating community activist/organizer, who wants to change the power structure of America by stealing citizen wealth and giving handouts to the overwhelmingly larger number of blacks on welfare. The only equalizer is to put Mormon ideals along side Obamas perceived ideals, to see whose structural belief system and rationale disqualifies them from getting behind the wheel. Who will have the courage to ask these questions?

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  1. Greetings,

    You have asked some great questions regarding The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Please allow me to give point you in the right direction for the full answers to your questions.

    This first talk will give you answers to most of your questions but specifically answers the question on "multiple heavens":

    This talk answers your next question regarding "multiple gods":

    Finally, here is a link to answer your question regarding "baptizing long dead non Mormon people":

    We love to share our beliefs. If you ever have any further questions, please don't hesitate to visit your local Mormon church house on any Sunday; visitors are always welcome :) Or you can go to to read about our beliefs, request a free Book of Mormon or Bible and even request to have missionaries visit you.

    Thanks for your great questions!



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