Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is Political climate fueling Treyvon Martin outrage ?

     Why does the Treyvon Martin killing resonate with so many Americans? Do Americans across color lines care more for Trevon than they did for Oscar Grant or Sean Bell ? I say absolutely not, the passion however is clearly increased though all three young men had their lives stolen from them. Though the incidences differ the results are the same. The difference is the climate in witch the Treyvon Martin killing occurred .The overt attempts to restrict the rights of women and minorities in general shines light on the dots to be connected with the perception being that a conservative streak in America wants to turn back the hands of time, to a point where civil and social rights were positioned to keep the powerful in power hence the phrase , most important election since 1865.
     Moving forward, with each violation of progressive civil liberties, marches, rallies and, boycotts have to intensify. With the advent of social media and watching the Arab spring and the 99% sit ins the prospect of standing up and becoming committed to a cause has become a tangible way to incite change. The recent marches and boycotts put the rights of women and minority voting restrictions on our doorstep, in our living rooms.  Even though the fight was against the same ideology the fights remained separate , but the trail of dots became visible.
      The connecting factor comes from this tragedy. The notion of a throwback style good ol boy network type of  investigation reminds us of an archaic process of justice that disrespects minorities and returns us to some of Americas darkest days. So no America doesn't care more about Treyvon than Oscar or Sean , but the times dictate a rising of the people against a vision of America that we already lived and know didn't work for the liberty and freedom of all people, the base of which America was founded. So to a lesser extent the outrage speaks to the push for turn of the 20th century style policies that will continue to unite people hopefully not in the face of such heartbreaking conditions.


  1. We in the U.S are tired of the real 'racists' such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Zimmerman shot Treyvon in Self Defense. End of Story

  2. Don't say "We in the U.S." because you only speak for a racist part of our country. You don't even deserve a response pig.


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