Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is NDAA really the worst thing for Obama and America?

    Little known to most people. On Jan. 2, 2012 the President signed the National Defense Authorization Act, giving the government power to detain citizens indefinitely for less than capital charges. But why, its by far the most controversial piece of legislation ever, with the least amount of media scrutiny. In searching for possible reasons, piecing together separate stories paints a picture as to why, and to why Obama might be keeping those reasons quiet. Some believe protests overseas during an economic meltdown can carry over to the US, as the occupy movement grows, and crowds reach numbers far too large to manage. But there's more.
    Recently little known Somali terrorist organisation Al-Shabaad forged an alliance with Al-Qaeda and adopted their cause. But why would Somalia providing a safe haven and training ground to terrorists a world away, inspire the signing of this highly repressive law. In the last 25 years America has admitted 83,991 Somali immigrants to the us 43,682 since 9/11. Some being born into American citizenship.
    Recent news stories show, since the economic downturn many terror recruiters have turned to American born children of refuges to take up fundamental causes. Being that they are American, their passports allow them travel freely around the world, and some choose the terror route. Travel information collected as well as American born insurgents captured show a definite link between economically challenged Somali-American students traveling to terror entrenched countries and returning home to continue studies.
     Like the recent terror killings in France, these students, not only Somali but others, may be trained sleepers waiting for the signal to strike. With the terror sentiment remaining stagnant and the economy crawling back from the dead, America is one bad event away from social chaos. Travel records coupled with the freedoms that we've conceded in the name of preventing terror attacks could give the administration cause to be able to round up potential suspects based on evidence of terror without the restrictions of laws protecting law abiding citizens. Hopefully.

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