Thursday, March 29, 2012

The New Massa... REALLY?

     I never really bought into that modern day slave talk. Inequities sure, racism, got it, but slavery, Really in 2012?  Also, whenever you have to say, that's still going on, or in this day and age, there's probably a good chance that spells out, what ever it is never really stopped. Imagine your a slave owner, 10 slaves working your field, eating your food, clothing them sheltering them keeping them healthy, because sick workers don't make money,  spread illness to others and blah, blah ,blah, we all know the story.
      So fast forward slavery is abolished, and the entire American economy is threatened without a source of cheap labor. A plan is devised, pass insane laws that arrest blacks for ridiculous crimes, charge a fee they can't pay, and lease them to industry to work off the infraction. Plantation owners carried out black punishment while courts handled whites only 10% of arrests at the time. Slavery was not illegal for punishment of a crime and convict labor was 50 to 80 % cheaper, driving down wages for everyone. This new labor force, cheaper than slavery used blacks who made up 12.5% of population 30% of prisoners. This for profit criminalization of blacks forged the social mindset that blacks are bad and thus the basis of segregation and blah blah blah.
     Now 40 years after freedom, the stock market is open, cars are on the road, the Wright brothers are trying to fly, and blacks are still corporate slaves, still beaten and mistreated same ol thing. Through the 40s 4.8 mil blacks still lived like that. 1942 the last arrest was made for slavery. Most importantly from 1877-1966 no white was convicted for killing a black. States Still worked criminals on chain gangs into the 50s to pave roads after private companies were prohibited from using prison labor in the late 30s. Wartime building in the 40s offsetted the loss of income and factories grew and as we now know eventually closed. In '79 restrictions were lifted, and companies were back in the prisoner leasing business. 
     To end it quickly, prison labor is cheaper than third world sweatshops. State workers get .93-4.73$ per day while fed prisoners get .23 to 1.25$ per hr. The government uses prison labor to close budget gaps. BP used prison labor to clean many beaches along the gulf coast. The largest modern day bossman is a congressionaly created company Unicor. 50% of its sales are to the DOD and it employs 22,000 inmates. Prison programs now employ more inmates than any fortune 500 company, besides GM. Some think that's the price you pay for going to jail, but when you look at the incarceration rates, and the profitable prison industry, the connection is clear it doesn't really end. So whats next step, parolees working off time in fields, vacated by migrant workers due to a deportation threat in order to keep labor prices low. They tried it last year in  AL. but the parolees left the fields. To this day AT&T, Target, Macys,  Motorola, Microsoft, Nordstroms, Dell and many other modern companies still use cheap prison labor.These companies get tax breaks for hiring at risk employees. Its all exploitation of the alleged criminals in America through unjust laws ,you know who they are .

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