Monday, May 21, 2012

Do you have a better plan? The move for unity.

    There seems to be a general problem anytime someone tries to do something different to bring about some sort of change. Inevitably more people tell you it won't work with no reason why, than people who say they support the effort your putting out. Hundreds of people have read my post about No McDonalds in October and the overwhelming response has been, why would hurting McDonalds be ok to advance the cause of people of color. Now I think I  laid it out pretty well in the first post, but people see things differently.
     Most people see the amount of money McDonalds makes from the black community and that's all they see. Once again there's no way to measure where the money would be spent if we retained the over 400 million dollars in one month as a community. The suggestion would be to spend the money at local businesses, but the purpose is to come together, and enact some sense of measurable change as a group. Clearly the powers that be are working to diminish our rights. The fact that we have a President of color, and the efforts are still to shift laws and ideals back to a time where minority rights are limited necessitates us coming together as a block. To protect what symbolism of rights we do have.
     The President can't protect you. The best case for strength we have is in our numbers, but as a community we have been fractured for so long that its the norm. So how do we come together? The amount of people who don't participate in things because they say other people won't is staggering. A unified act of any kind Political or Economic justifies the group be taken seriously. So simply put a one month ban on McDonalds is not to hurt McDonalds, its to learn to come together as a group for common causes. McDonalds gets 18% of its revenue from 13% of the people 5.2 Billion per yr. McDonalds also heavily promotes it's 365 program that targets underprivileged areas and people of color, they rebuild playgrounds and offer scholarships to many needy people. Having said that, one would expect that McDonalds would be all for the community it works to help using any legal means available to better its self, for the good of all of society. If not they do all the other stuff because we buy the product at rates higher than our population percentage. And they're playing us.
    To offset the cost, McDonalds could limit black advertising for as long as it takes. People will still eat there with a few less commercials. I wonder if people really don't want to hurt McDonalds or just enjoy having something to complain about. To unify would mean everybody would have to do their part, and it seems as I have recently been told some people just enjoy being sheep. For too many the idea of sacrifice is something that's inherently difficult. In this case all you have to do is spread the word  through social media and don't eat McDonalds in October. The show of unity will speak for it's self.

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  1. Hurt McDonald's by refusing to eat their "food"?? Did someone really leave that comment because you have got to be kidding. Herein Clinton, R lies our major problem. Whomever left those comments are either truly ignorant of our buying power [which might I add is 1 trillion annually as of 2009], or they are trying to manipulate your conscience and anyone who would choose to act with you. Afterall who would want to "hurt"someone. Sorry but as much mental abuse and brainwash as we've suffered, I'm not buying any of it. I truly believe that if our existence in the country had not been born in utter hate for us then our existence today would be far different. It is said if a child grows up in a horrible environment being degraded regularly, chances are that child will suffer in his mind and act out what he' s experienced. So you mean to tell me that if generations of children suffer degradation through no fault of their own, that those generations are going to behave as if nothing has happened? No they gonna turn it out just like the serial killer does when his majority father has beat him and his mom when he's drunk while the child grew up. To even expect anything else is inhumane and an assault on our conscience because the majority would expect far more compassion for their own children. Ever see the program "Intervention" on A&E. The way those addicts are coddled over is sickening. Meth hit the majority predominantly just the way crack hit our community, however a complete lack of compassion was shown to our people, our kids. Clinton, R sorry I degressed. But folks we are okay as a people and our community is healing from what has happened to us and our families. If African Americans were a separate country we would be the 16th largest because our GDP is staggering. Wake up and let's get unified! And please show some compassion for each other.


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