Friday, May 4, 2012

Too little too late: Is the NFL Really concerned about player safety?

     It seems the NFL never is out of season. Once again player safety is at the top of the list. Or is it? To this day the NFL reports that concern over head injuries is molding the future of the game. Along with a steeper fining scale, and rule changes, the goal appears to be creating a safer environment for players of today and tomorrow. Concussions have been and will be a part of the game, some see this act of working to protect it's players as just that, an act. Currently over 1500 former players have brought a lawsuit against the league for doing nothing to curb the risk of concussions in the past. And that number is growing.
     It seems the NFL could have prevented this by providing some sort of after football care for the players that built this league into  the juggernaut it has become today. We all know Baseball is Americas pastime, but Football is Americas Passion. So wheres the compassion? So many of the guys we watched growing up can't even play with their kids, or make it down a flight of stairs, they transformed a fledgling game into a ratings, and commercial monster, now airing three nights a week. So what gives?
     Wouldn't this be the time, with all of this talk of player safety and and injury concerns, to take a look at the players left behind and their lack of health care options due to pre existing conditions. The NFL Network shows all of those classic games with paid commercials, still making money off of retired players and offering no help in their lifelong health battles. The Current players dropped the ball during the last collective bargaining sessions, by not demanding some sort of mandatory health care for retired players. As they too will soon be joining the ranks of used players, only to be tossed aside like broken toys.
     With the possibility of concussion linked suicides, astronomical fines, and player bankruptcy. Now more than ever seems like the time to take care of these guys. The money is there on both sides, players and management. Use that NFL Classic advertising money, and the fines from illegal hits. Even the salaries and fines accrued through bounty gate would be a start to get things moving in the right direction. We used to laugh at the Steve Young I'm Batman concussion mocking commercial, but it's not going to be funny watching him waste away into a delusional old man, literally walking his neighborhood in his Batman underoos. Trying to find his way home. Wondering why the league he helped make great abandoned him and so many others like him.
     Football is a violent aggressive and lucrative sport, so either help these guys with medical care, or go back to those leather helmets. So guys think twice about launching head first into a 6'6 350lb wall of bone and muscle. Just a thought.


  1. That be the truth. Football be totally rayciss and shit.

    1. I feel you, yo! If you axe me, it be rayciss. White man don't lets us do nothin! Sheeit!


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