Friday, May 11, 2012

Gay Rights, Religious Oppression, and You: How are you even mixed up in that?

     It's times like these that Religious skeptics will point back to when explaining the use of Religion to oppress society. So many people claim to be children of God. Some choose to gain power by governing in the name of God. Half of society wishes to control progress, to what they deem The Lord would envision us having. The other side wanting some representation of free will. For the Religious side to win power in the face of the prospect of ultimate free will, some sort of divisional tool must be used to sway the balance of power before the tide of freedom  turns,If not, the ability to rule through religion, (the easiest way) is lost.
     With Gay rights being our lightning rod, it's difficult to watch one minority (blacks) consider putting in power,  people who openly work to limit our daily rights, (republicans) to join in their fight to suppress the rights of another minority (gays), in the name of God. You want to put someone in power to hold back these gays, even if it means holding you back too. That's how you'll get it. No Gay Civil Rights fine, cut the college grants also, and the healthcare for those poor sick people. Oh yeah, see guy and girl doing equal jobs, on payday give her twenty percent less.
     So we give up what we fought for because someone has the perceived will, to stand up for what they think God would do. Even if it means we take a loss too. That plan always works. It's always in the movies. Some cowardly little guy goes to fight by the villain's side, in return for some agreement for some sort of power. As it always goes, towards the end of the fight the villain sacrifices the coward in order to make his escape, and live to fight another day.... And this is supposed to help, how?
     I never had an opinion on Gay stuff until recently. People have to do what they have to do, but using them as an oppression tool?  It's the Religious people calling them sinners, like it's strange to see a sinner. Then in the same breath saying we all are sinners, and no sin is greater than the next, and blah blah blah, whatever fits their momentary point. So you, Gods child, can't work to better yourself in Gods eyes. A sinner, equally beside other sinners, but not those sinners, because their sin is greater than yours. It all seems kind of confused. Confused people are easy to manipulate. Manipulate enough people you can control them all. That's the role you're considering playing in the future of our children? Brilliant..


  1. I am tired of people being paid - the same salaries, bonuses, having the same promotion opportunities - when they cannot perform the job -

    and require other people to pick up their slack.

  2. All the religious right types who either want to get rid of rights GLBT people have won over the decades via legislation or they will hold referencdums to accomplish the same, not realising that if GLBT rights can be taken away, so, down the road coupld theirs. But that probably won't do anything to get them to think.


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