Thursday, May 17, 2012

Of Choice and Sin

     I always considered myself to be pro life. There's nobody I want dead. I never killed anybody, and I accept that life is a precious thing. All common ideas expressed by reasonable people. Then there's that grey area. Is supporting a woman's right to choose a testament to ones lack of respect for potential life. Encompassed in that metaphorical sea of grey, is the potential life vs. actual life side of the spectrum. A legitimate question but inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. That's right in this case the facts do nothing but deepen the muddy waters.
     Ideologically, as good Christian folk, pro lifers have done their job. They've succeeded in their job of informing the masses of the Lord (several times). They also have shared their experiences of how the Lord has willed them to succeed. Pick any random public speaking event and you will hear multiple mentions of  God. Your job is done, you've effectively proselytized. Now if some (as you say) sinner, after hearing the tales of the Almighty God, chooses to act out against the teaching in the book he left you, and chooses abortion, that's between them and the Almighty. You've done your part.
     But no you say. You can't stand by and watch innocent babies slaughtered. It's immoral. The discussion then turns back to when life starts. Now, using the mind God gave you what is the rational solution. It should be when the kid can survive outside of the womb on its own. When its well within reach of being tempted by Satin, and can recognize Jesus as the son of God. Satin never possessed embryos or zygotes did he?
     So, no abortions after your old enough to inherit that original sin huh? 28 weeks is a little rough, even for me. So lets just leave things like they are, and you remember, God loves you, and you're doing a top flight job. Feel comfortable that in your belief, everyone gets theirs in the end. God doesn't need you to fight his battles for him. Why would he now? He never did before. God routinely laithed the smackith down on non believers. Call it tough love. Whatever the case its not your place to interfere in the free will of Gods creations. Its their life to lose in the afterlife. Not yours, leave it alone, it's not your fight.


  1. Enjoyable Clinton, R - - however, it is JUST possible that god will smackith down on believers too! LOL

  2. I agree with your sentiments, Mr. Clinton with regards to after a Christian has shed their salt or in your words "effectively proselytized", their job is finished. I never once read about Christ getting in someone's face and demanding that they stop what they are doing so who in the world are we to. I have read plenty about him warning the MASSES. Finally, I also agree that it's not necessarily in one's place to interfere with another's free will [unless that person's freewill directly causes you harm]. Once again after you warn, your salt is no longer needed. No one likes too much salt especially in their favorite dish and trying to spoon feed someone a bowl of salt, they are not going to eat it.


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