Saturday, May 26, 2012

Will somebody please connect the dots. .. ..

     How does one of the biggest shams in all of politics go largely unnoticed. This week the GOP presented it's Republican women's policy committee in Congress, to show their solidarity with women. As long as they don't adjust policy positions that don't support women's interests. It's really no different than running Sarah Palin for VP as a quick grab for women's votes. The same as allowing Michael Steele to head the DNC as a response to Obama being a black first, they needed a black first. Or now suggesting Marco Rubio as VP to lure the Hispanic vote. As if Hispanics don't know what he really stands for.
     They are all poor attempts at seeming like a party in the midst of a shift towards inclusion, but in reality the policies tell a different story. Rather than a boring recap of bad policy, I really wonder what the GOP sees in the average American citizen. What leads them to believe that they can promote policy against a particular group, then trot out a Republican member of that group to give the impression that they feel their pain or support their needs. At the same time implementing contrary to their cause laws that aim to slow that groups progress.
     In any other instance in life, a blatant attempt at false advertising would immediately be called out, and the perpetrator would get no support. In this case, the GOP does it with every group and it is largely ignored. Is it because we know politicians are corrupt, and we accept the lies as just part of the game. It's ok because it's expected. Is that what it's come to?
     Sadder still there's no end in sight. It's a winning strategy. They win elections, and not just with votes from those who benefit from their policies, they get support from all groups across the board. Sure talking heads do their spots on pandering politicians, and inevitably someone says, it goes on constantly with both sides being guilty. That may be true, but nobody has it mastered like the Grand Old Party, and nobody separates the dots like the mainstream media. If the groups the Republicans pander to would unite under the cause of being nobody's fool, the wool pullers wouldn't have the power. Until then, they will continue with the wooden nickels, and we'll continue to be the fools who look to cash them in.


  1. Great blog... It will be like this for a while...the GOP plays upon the freightened white male's political dominance and the wm's get little to nothing in return for their vote. It's a rich man's party and only those who aren't in that category, white or whatever, shouldn't expect any results. Shameful.

  2. I'm so tired of the same old story from the GOP. I am working person who is heavily in debt... Oh, and I happen to be a woman who uses birth control and votes. Sorry elephants, you'll be getting nothing from me.

  3. So, Michael Steele, Sarah Palin, and Marco Rubio are unable to think for themselves? They decided to represent the GOP because some rich white guy is paying them? You should really read some Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell. Walter Williams released a book "More Liberty Means Less Government" back in 1999. The book is still very relevant today.

    "What leads them to believe that they can promote policy against a particular group". The ideology of the GOP is to promote policy for the largest minority in the country. The individual. The liberals are the ones that "group" people, as if all women are the same, all latinos are the same, and all blacks are the same. Quite offensive.


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