Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Does Voting even matter anymore?

     If voting isn't an option for enacting long term change in society what is? I have friends that are smart, happy successful, family first guys who choose not to vote. These are not under informed or disinterested citizens, these are well read students of history, who speak the language of governmental corruption, from international conspiracy to local inconsistencies. They believe change comes from within. If everyone would be the best person they could be and stop chasing material things, most importantly parent their children, while mentoring those kids that need it. This remolding of the core of the group, should insure a stronger group of leaders moving forward into the future, a legitimate observation that fundamentally addresses the roots of society's short comings.
     But what of the meantime, we just continue to complain? What about when locally elected officials, who's campaign positions don't reflect the will of the people get in office and enact their unwanted agendas. They under fund schools, cut senior programs, and close Fire Stations.  People literally gave their life for our opportunity to effect local change. They knew laws were set up against them and the ones that weren't were birthed to protect the ruling class of society. Yet they still gave their lives. They died so we could protect our homes and schools and have some sense of governmental inclusion and responsibility for our own communities.
     I think both concepts can be mutually correct, although not voting seems to have more appeal. You can be a rebel against the corrupt system, giving the establishment the middle finger by not giving your time to play their game. That's the problem though, non participation supports not being informed, clearly not for all but more people do get informed about life around them when they are engaged. Non participation makes reshaping the core infinitely harder, which jeopardizes yet another generation. A unified front got us these rights and to ignore them is a slap in the face to those who fought for them.
     So this is where we stand fractured and bruised, fueled by adversity and led by the experience and tenacity of ordinary people taking extraordinary measures to shed light on our uphill push. So what do we do, collectively check out, keeping only the hope of a life altering hard look in the mirror to inspire change, or combine that with electoral participation in the face of institutionalized corruption, at the risk of not seeming rebellious or anti establishment enough. What is the path to teach your kids....You Decide.


  1. Blacks generally tend to not vote anyway. Maybe it's because they are too busy trying to look shiny or gettin' over.

    Your friends that do not vote aren't as smart as you try to make them appear.

  2. Man I be votin. i votes everyweek fo my nigga jackson on idol.


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