Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is Multiculturalism really that Bad

     After the Presidential elections of 08', we began to regularly hear the new battle cry of the right, Its time to take our Country back. Now originally, I thought this idea was formed with political ideology in mind. After all Obama won Iowa and a host of other less integrated areas of  the US, all the while the economy was beyond declining and we were in questionable wars on two fronts. As the dust settled I realized this was the battle cry of a culture war.
      Now that we are in election season its becoming increasingly apparent that some expect, and hope that time and progress can turned back, and are actively trying to do so. So many prominent Republicans have said this is the most important election since 1860. After Lincolns assassination President Andrew Johnson said “This is a country for white men ,and by God as long as I am president it shall be a government for white men”. The new majority minority numbers are making this an increasingly difficult promise to keep.
        I've never been one to take a politician at their word but, this crop of Republicans are speaking with actions and not just words. In no particular order, the absolute outright assault on women's reproductive rights with no representation, and voter suppression and redistricting efforts in largely minority communities. But the least covered is the mostly men who speak to the heart of the Republican party about fear based, antiquated ideas. This years CPAC (conservative political action) convention featured panels on “The failure of multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American Identity”,and  High fences Wide Gates. Both groups of speakers considered supremacists by some, and at the very least racially insensitive were denounced by none at CPAC not even by Republican minorities.
     These views are not held by most Americans, but they are tolerated by far too many. Free speech is granted to all citizens, but the no fire in a crowded theater rule should apply here. Anyone can hate progress, and the coming together of like minded people from different races working for the good of the Country. Its fine if you don’t participate, whats not ok is actively working to prevent progress in the name of fear. What I don't understand is the wave of minority Republicans like Marco Rubio working hard to champion the ideas that oppress their own. It's really strange.


  1. People have the right to preserve their race and culture. Making interracial relationships illegal and yet at the same time people of different races progressing to keep the economy strong is possible.

    If whites go extinct their will be no more good music. Black people have no morals and they butcher the English language. There will be more stupid people. Whites have made the most great contributions to society than any other race.

    This multicultural crap is caused by the Zionist Jews. They ruined humanity by making women sexually liberated and not care about morals. The only reason blacks are the least racist is because they know they are the ugliest piece of crap on Earth and that they find other races to be more attractive then their own. So what they do is they don't act racist towards them becuase they want to mate with them. Whites are very racist towards blacks because they look like dog shit to us and we want to stay away from people that look that ugly and because we can't stand the way they talk,act,dress,and the fact that they don't contribute anything great except giving people Eminem.

  2. So that's a joke, right? A parody of the typical ignorant,bigoted,uneducated,Fox watching,Right Wing,Republican Conservative FOOL. Very clever and funny.

  3. As deceptive as the majority is and has been and how "cleverly" they have saught to destroy us at every angle, I personally do not accept the idea of multiculturalism. Their hate for us does not only extend to their people but remember their media is spread across the globe and when it comes to other cultures emerging you had better believe that the Hispanic who makes decisions is not on your side but seeking to promote their own. Ever been interviewed by one? The Asian is not on our side seeking to extort our wallets by serving up dogfeet and weave pony tails. Even the African straight from Africa is not on our side. Seemingly they feel superior to us as African Americans. They have be so Britainized, however just like the pot calling the kettle black [no pun intended], they resent us for being brainwashed by the English in the same way. As a people let's give each other a chance before we take on other issues like this.

  4. I think multiculturalism MUST be embraced. I know I can name five different multicultural thriving businesses right here in my poor African American commmunity of which my community patronize DAILY and can't speak a bit of ANY OF THEIR LANGUAGES. That worries me and I honestly feel African Americans are doing ourselves an injustice to NOT get on board. The Arabs are taking over with their drugs, and illegal activities in our poor community. HECK they closed down a couple of them on a Monday and they were BACK open by WEDNESDAY. The owner is living in a $700,000.00 in Missouri, why NOT encourage our future to embrace multiculturalism; I DOUBT IT THAT THEY ARE GOING ANYWHERE.


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